No.8 January 1997
Japanese Research on the Socialist Economies in Transition



Focus: Japanese Research on the Socialist Economies in Transition

Wada Haruki
State Socialism as a Phenomenon of the Age of World War
Nishimura Yoshiaki
Changing the Frame: Research on the Planned Economies and Economic Change
Uchida Kenji
Recent Developments and Rising Hopes for Japanese Research on Soviet History
Minagawa Shugo
Priority Research Report: Existence and Coexistence in the Slavic-Eurasion Region
Môri Kazuko
Structural Change in China: A New Research Program
Furuta Motoo
Japanese Research on Vietnam
Tanaka Nobuyuki
The Yuppies and the Fossils: Three Generations of Japanese Research on Chinese Law
Tajima Toshio
An Author's Note: Structure and Change in Chinese Agriculture

Research Reports and Comments

Sebastian Conrad
Temporalizations of Space in Japanese Historiography, 1945-1955
Kato Kozo
The Economic Cure for Political Vulnerability?: ODA Policy Change and Continuity in Germany and Japan
John Campbell
Foxes and Hedgehogs: The Divisive Rational Choice Debate in Japanese Studies

Book Review

F. Mutlu Binark
Modern Games: On Andrew FEENBERG, Alternative Modernity: The Technical Turn in Philosophy and Social Theory

Feedback and Response

Stephen Anderson
Transfusion Needed: Problems for Political Analysis of The Ministry of Health and Walfare in Japan (Feedback for Masuyama Mikitaka, "The Ministry of Health and Welfare and an Injection of Political Science," in SSJ Newsletter No. 7)
Masuyama Mikitaka

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