No.7 August 1996
Bureaucrats and the Japanese Polity



Focus: Bureaucrats and the Japanese Polity

Bernard S. Silberman
The Continuing Dilemma: Bureaucracy and Political Parties
Ulrike Schaede
The Ministry of Finance, Change, and Sherlock Holmes
Peter J. Katzensterin
Culture, Norms, and Japanese Security
Masuyama Mikitaka
The Ministry of Health and Welfare, and an Injection of Political Science
Paul Talcott
The Poisoned Body Politic: The AIDS Case and the Erosion of Trust in MHW
Masuyama Mikitaka and Paul Talcott (Compiled)
Health and Welfare Policy and the AIDS Crisis: A Source List
Takahashi Suguru
Deregulation in the Cargo Transport Sector

Research Reports and Comments

Hagiwara Shigeo
The Land Lease Issue in Okinawa
William W. Grimes
Japan and the Problem of International Economic Coordination
Marcus Noland
North Korea's International Economic Relations
Taniguchi Masaki
Structural Transfiguration in the U.S.-Japan Trade Relationship

Review Essay

Maeda Yukio
Recent Works on the LDP

Conference Report

Nakagawa Junji
The Second Trilateral Symposium on International Law

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