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The purpose of this newsletter is to provide concise information in English on key people, important issues, and recent developments in four fields of social science research on Japan: economics, political science, law, and sociology. Social Science Japan is published by the Information Center for Studies in Japanese Society, which was established in 1996 within the University of Tokyo's Institute of Social Science (ISS). The articles are primarily written by ISS research staff and other researchers somehow connected with the Institute.

Although interest in Japan among social scientists worldwide has grown over the past few years, there has not been a corresponding growth in the amount of quality information - either raw data or research results - coming out of Japan. It can therefore be difficult for researchers overseas to find out what research has been done, and what materials are available, in Japan in their field. We aim to help meet this need by providing information in English on social science research in Japan, using the expertise accumulated by the Institute of Social Science over half a century of inter-disciplinary comparative research.

Social Science Japan is published bi-annually. It can be downloaded from this website.

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