No. 59 September 2018

Commemorating Collaboration with Industry in People Analytics Comme


Commemorating Collaboration with Industry in People Analytics

OWAN Hideo
From Personnel Economics to People Analytics
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (SEKI Takehiko, MINAMI Hitoshi, IKEDA Takuji)
Let’s Take a Scientific Approach to Work-life Balance
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (ANDO Shun, TAGUCHI Koichi, TAKAHASHI Kohei, WATANABE Hironori)
Characterizing High Performers Reparations                                            
Persol Holdings Co., Ltd.(FUJISAWA Masaru, YAMAZAKI Ryoko, SASAKI Kana, OHIRO Takashi, KORETOMO Yuta)
Applying people analytics to achieve “scientific HR” Thought                            
Our Firm’s Contribution to Addressing Challenges in Human Resource Management in Japan                                                 
SATO Kaori
People Analytics to Understand Mental Health Issues                                                 

ISS Research Report

The Japanese Expatriate’s Career and Perspective: Toward a Sociological Approach
ITO Asei
Rewriting the Asian economy textbook

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