No. 41 September 2009
Changing Employment in Japan


Focus: Changing Employment in Japan

Kishimoto Takeshi
Japanese Employment Measures in the Face of a Global Recession
Mizumachi Yuichiro
Why Are There Many Expendable Workers in Japan? Issues and Mechanisms Underlying the Non-Regular Worker Problem
Kobayashi Yoshinobu
Revising the Worker Dispatching Act: The Real Story behind the Non-Regular Employment Saga
Nitta Michio
Temporary Worker Termination and the Employment Portfolio Systems

ISS Research Reports

Hirowatari Seigo
The Subject Matter of Law– Science, Fiction, and Programs
Arita Shin
From Area Studies to Comparative Sociology
Kuroda Sachiko
Wage Adjustments During Recessions: An Introduction to Japan’s Experiences

Greetings from Visiting Professor

Annelise Riles

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