No. 36 March 2007
Kibogaku The Role of Hope


Focus: Kibogaku The Role of Hope

Genda Yuji
Hope in Social Relationships
Nakamura Naofumi
Hopology-The Kamaishi Research
An Introduction to the Research on the Veterans of the Kamaishi Steel Works
Nitta Michio
“Hope” as seen in our Research Reports and What Gets in its Way
Uno Shigeki
Memories of Kamaishi and the Search for a New Identity
Kikkawa Takeo
Kamaishi: Where the Galaxy Express Meets the Sanriku Coast Revitalizing a City with Marine Products and Wind Farms
Kase Kazutoshi
The Current Conditions and Issues of Concern for the Coastal Fishing Industry in Kamaishi City
Tsuchida Tomoko
Policy for Gender Equality and Hope in Kamaishi
Ohori Ken
“Eco-Town” Kamaishi and Environmental Citizen Action
Uekami Takayoshi
Survey of the Kamaishi City Council Members

Visiting Professor Interviews

Pasuk Phongpaichit
John Creighton Campbell

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