No. 26 May 2003
Postwar Japan in the World



Focus: Postwar Japan in the World

Peter Mauch
Prelude to Partnership: The Post-Pearl Harbor Report of Admiral Nomura Kichisaburo
Roger Smith
Japanese Distant Water Fisheries in the Early Post-war Period
Sebastien CK Fung
The Role of Tanaka Kakuei in the Sino-Japanese Normalisation of 1972
Inada Juichi
Changes in the Norms of "De-politicisation" and "Non-interference" in Japan's Post-war ODA Policy
Glen D. Hook
Japan in Regionalisms
Gabe Masa'aki
The Birth of the Diplomatic Marketplace and the Departure from Imaginary Realism
Hatsuse Ryuhei
National Security and Human Safety
Fujiwara Ki'ichi
The Ending of Wars and International Order: Leardership or Accord?

Reseach Report

Daniel P. Aldrich
Siting Schemes: Central Governments, State Learning, and Local "Public Bads"

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