No. 25 February 2003



Focus: Education

Ishida Hiroshi and Yoshikawa Yumiko
How Profitable is Japanese Education? An International Comparison of the Benefits of Education
Honda Yuki
The Reality of the Japanese School-to-Work Transition System at the Turn of the Century: Necessary Disillusionment
Nishimura Yukimitsu
Who Decides the Investment? Towards Independent Choice in Human Investment
Mori Naoto
Education and Success: Changes in Structure and Thinking
Murao Yumiko
Gender Issues in Classrooms: the Present Situation and Future Tasks
Tom Blackwood
The Reproduction and Naturalization of Sex-Based Separate Spheres in Japanese High Schools: the Role of Female "Managers" of High School Baseball Teams

Research Reports

Christopher Bondy
Laws and Learning: Community and School Response to the End of Dôwa Laws
Laura Wong
The 1958 Textbook Conference
Gesine Foljanty-Jost and Manuel Metzler
Juvenile Delinquency in Japan: a Self-preventing Prophecy
Anthony Rausch
Lifelong Education in Rural Japan: Social Objectives and a Curriculum of Knowledge, Skills and Focus

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