No. 22 December 2001
The Koizumi Reforms



Focus: The Koizumi Reforms

Kawato Sadafumi
The 2001 Upper House Election
Karen Cox
Open-List PR and the Organized Vote in the July 2001 Upper House Election
Leonard Schoppa
Locating the LDP and Koizumi in Policy Space: A Party System Ripe for Realignment
Hiwatari Nobuhiro
The Enigma of Mr. Koizumi: 'No Sacred Cows' or 'Just Plain Bull'?
Gregory Noble
Political Leadership and Economic Policy in the Koizumi Cabinet

New on the Bookshelves

Nakamura Keisuke
Education Administration and Labour Relations
Anthony Rausch
A Year with the Local Newspaper: Understanding the Times in Aomori Japan, 1999

Research Report

Paul Midford
Cartelization versus Democratization: Can Japan be Trusted to Wield the Sword?

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