No. 16 August 1999
The Environment



Focus: The Environment

Shima Kazuo
Japan and Whaling
Miyaoka Isao
Japan's Global Environmental Policy in the late 1980s and early 1990s: Changing from an Eco-Outlaw to a Green Contributor
Masuzawa Yoko
PRTR-A New Era of Chemical Regulation in Japan
Shiroyama Hideaki
Clean and Efficient Coal Use in China and the Political Economy of International Aid
Kawashima Yasuko
Challenges to Regional Cooperation: Climate Change Issues in Northeast Asia
Susan E. Pickett and Suzuki Tatsujirô
Spent Fuel and High Level Waste Policy in Japan: Science, Society and Rigid Decisions
Arai Chikako
UNESCO and World Heritage
Raman Letchumanan
Global Environmental Governance and International Trade Competitiveness: Are Developing Countries at the Losing End?
Accepting the Role of NGOs: Examples from the Environmental and Developmental Community

New on the Bookshelves

The 20 Seiki Shisutemu (The 20th Century Global System) Series

Hirashima Kenji
A Summary: 20 Seiki Shisutemu 5: Kokka no Tayôsei to Shijô (The 20th Century Global System 5: National Diversity and the Global Market: The System and its Discontents)

Research Report

Peter Drysdale
Japan and Open Regionalism

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