No. 15 March 1999
Japan in the 1960s



Focus: Japan in the 1960s

Patricia G. Steinhoff
Student Protest in the 1960s
Hashimoto Jurô
Unregulated Securities Companies and Panic in the Stock Market: The Experience of the 1960s
Nakakita Kôji
The Japan Socialist Party in the 1960s: Why were Structural Reformers Defeated?
Yoshikawa Hiroshi
High Economic Growth in the 1960s
Hiraishi Naoaki
The Lectures and Seminars of Maruyama Masao 1967-1968
Satô Kenji
The Research of Yanagita Kunio: The 1960s and Today

New on the Bookshelves

The 20 Seiki Shisutemu (The 20th Century Global System) Series

Hashimoto Jurô
The Death of Continuous Inflation: An Overview of the Series
Morita Osamu
A Summary: 20 Seiki Shisutemu 2: Keizai Seichô (I) Kijuku (The 20th Century Global System 2: Economic Growth I: Core Systems)
Suehiro Akira
A Summary: 20 Seiki Shisutemu 4: Kaihatsu Shugi (The 20th Century Global System 4: Developmentalism: The Drama of Emerging Players)

Research Reports

Stephen Barker
Japan's Drug Problem
Mark Jones
Children as Treasures: Childhood and the Middle Class in Early 20th Century Japan
Peter Matanle
The Salaryman and Japan's Modernity

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