No. 14 November 1998



Focus: Okinawa

Chalmers Johnson
Okinawa, the Shame of American Imperialism
Aikyo Kôji
Okinawa Asks: What is the Nation-State?
Sheila Smith
Representing the Citizens of Okinawa
Mashiko Hidenori
The Creation of "Okinawans" and the Formation of the Japanese Nation State
Robert Eldridge
The Nago Heliport Problem in the U.S.-Japan Relationship: The Second Stage of the Okinawa Problem
Wakabayashi Chiyo
Occupation and "Self-Government" 1945-1946: The Advisory Council of Okinawa
Robert Hellyer
Ryukyu in the Changing World of Trade and Diplomacy in the Nineteenth Century

Research Reports

Wada Yukako
Japan's Welfare State and the Paradox of Equality
Peter Hill
Bôtaihô: Organized Crime Countermeasures in Japan
Inaba Hisako
Cross-Cultural Learning of Married Japanese Women who Lived in the United States

Book Review

Miura Mari
Ikuo Kume, Disparaged Success: Labor Politics in Postwar Japan

Special Feature

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