No.13 August 1998
The Financial Crisis in Asia



Focus: The Financial Crisis in Asia

Tsurumi Masayoshi
Prewar Financial Crises: Lessons for Today
Horiuchi Akiyoshi
Why is the Japanese Financial System Facing a Serious Crisis?
Shimizu Katsutoshi
Lapses in Corporate Governance and the Crisis of Japan's Financial System
Okura Masanori
The Asian Currency Crisis and Future Policy Problems
Kawai Masahiro
Lessons Learned from the East Asian Currency Crisis
Suehiro Akira
Mismatched Systems and Organizations: The Domestic Origins of the Thai Economic Crisis

Symposium Reports

Research Reports

Fukumoto Kentarô
Breaking Through Viscosity: The Three Modes of Conflict in the Diet, 1947-1996
Kweku Ampiah
Icons in Moral Education: Noguchi Hideyo and Modern Japan

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