No.12 March 1998
Japan in the 1950s



Focus: Japan in the 1950s

Hashimoto Jurô
The Heyday of Industrial Policy Activity
Andrew Gordon
Japanese Labor in the 1950s
Beth Katzoff
From Feminisms to Femininities: Fujin Kôron and the Fifties
Fujimoto Takahiro
The Toyota System in the 1950s
Makihara Izuru
The Bureaucratic System in the 1950s
Simon Partner
Manufacturing Desire: The "Electrical Lifestyle" and the Nurturing of the Japanese Consumer
Christopher W. Braddick
Against the Grain: Prime Minister Ishibashi Tanzan and the 'China Question'

Symposium Report

Research Reports

Verena Blechinger
Money Politics in Japan (or, Pork Corrupts, and Absolute Pork Corrupts Absolutely)
Pobeda Loukanova
Unemployment in Japan

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