No.11 December 1997
Japan's Distribution System



Focus: Japan's Distribution System

Kikkawa Takeo
The Business of History: Analyzing the Development of Japan's Postwar Distribution System
Kikkawa Takeo (Compiled)
Source List on Japan's Distribution System
Itô Motoshige
The Future of Japan's Distribution System
Takaoka Mika
Consignment Purchases and Dispatched Salespersons in Japan's Postwar Department Stores
Kagami Kazuaki
An Economic Analysis of Rebates in Japan's Distribution System
Matsushima Shigeru
Distribution Policy: Market, Organization, and Coordination
Sashinami Akiko
A Handspun Tale of Distribution and Technological Change

Research Reports

Paul Midford
Making the Best of a Bad Reputation
Andrew Robertson
Technology and Culture Revisited
Verena Blechinger (Compiled)
Recent German-Language Social Science Works on Japan: A Source List

Book Reviews

Obi Michiyo
Under Pressure: Leonard J. Schoppa, Bargaining with Japan: What American Pressure Can and Cannot Do
Miyaoka Isao
Ministries Centered Between Zero and Sum: Yumiko Mikanagi, Japan's Trade Policy: Action or Reaction?

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