No.10 August 1997
The Information Center for
Social Science Research on Japan



Focus: The Information Center for Social Science Research on Japan

Nitta Michio
Center Court: An Introduction to the Information Center for Social Science Research on Japan
Nishigaki Toru
A Multilingual Information Environment for a Multicultural World
Matsui Hiroshi
Plans for Data Archives at the Center
Sato Hiroki
Still Going!: Continuity and Change in Japan's Long-Term Employment System
Glenda S. Roberts
Pinning Hopes on Angels: Policy Responses to Japan's Low Birth Rate
David Leheny
Tours of Duty: Why the Japanese Government Promoted Outbound Tours

Research Reports

David W. Campbell
Wealth and Saving
Steven R. Reed
Predicting Japanese Politics

Book Reviews

YU Wei-hsin
Networked Societies?: David Knoke, Franz Urban Pappi, Jeffrey Broadbent, Yutaka Tsujinaka, Comparing Policy Networks: Labor Politics in the U.S., Germany, and Japan
Jonathan Lewis
Construction With The Works: Brian Woodall, Japan Under Construction: Corruption, Politics, and Public Works and Igarashi Takayoshi and Ogawa Akio, Kôkyô jigyô o dô suru ka (What should be done about Public Works?)

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