No.6 February 1996
Japan's International Relations/
Land Issues



Focus: Japan's International Relations

Murata Kôji
The US-Japan Alliance
Murata Kôji
Data Sources on Japanese Foreign Policy
Takai Susumu
Japan's Contribution to UN Peacekeeping
Masahiro Kawai
Yen Rate Volatility and the International Monetary System
Itô Motoshige
Japan and the International Trade System
Ono Naoki
Sea Changes in Japan's Development Assistance
Yonemoto Shôhei
Japanese Environmental Diplomacy

Research Reports

Ehud Harari
Japanese Labor Organization and Public Policy
Tajima Toshio
China's Economic Reforms

Focus: Land Issues

Harada Sumitaka
Urban Land Law in Japan
Vincent Renard
Economic Cycles, Law, and the Right of Property: The Land Bubble in Japan

Book Reviews

Hiwatari Nobuhiro
Mark Tilton, Restrained Trade: Cartels in Japan's Basic Materials Industries
Andrew DeWit
David Williams, Japan and the Enemies of Open Political Science

Conference Report

Shibuya Hiroshi
Big Government, Small Government, and Public Welfare in Japan: 52nd Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Public Finance Scholars
Wolfgang Seifert
Contemporary Japanese Studies in Social Science: International Conference in Berlin

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