No.5 November 1995
Japan's Public Finance and Financial System



Focus: Japan's Public Finance and Financial System

Saito Yoshihiko
Rescue of Financial Institutions and Deposit Insurance in Japan
David W. Campbell
Japan's Saving
Katsumata Yukiko
Financing Japan's Social Security System
Mochida Nobuki
Balancing Equity and Decentralization
Horiba Isao
Review: Jinno Naohiko (ed.), Toshi wo Keiei suru (Managing the Metropolis)
Shibuya Hiroshi
Public Finance Statistics and Democracy
Hayashi Takehisa
An Editor's View of the Public Finance History Series: History of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Japan
Ito Osamu
The "Japan Model" Financial System
Hirota Masato
Data on Japanese Shareownership
Kato Shin'ichi
MOF Information: What is Available?

Discussion from SSJ Forum

Andrew DeWit and Jonathan Lewis
The Internet: A Rational Choice?

Book Review

Kase Kazutoshi
The Nuclear Family in Postwar Japan: Review of Morioka Kiyomi, Gendai Kazoku Hendô-Ron (Changes in the Contemporary Family), and Ochiai Emiko, 21 Seiki Kazoku he (The Family in the 21st Century)

Research Reports

Purnendra C. Jain
The Kansai International Airport: Decentralisation in Japan's Political Economy
Stephan Kunze
Wasting Wealth
Sylvano D. Mahiwo
Japanese Studies in the Philippines

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