No.4 August 1995
Deepening the Academic Dialogue between Japan and Asia



Focus: Deepening the Academic Dialogue between Japan and Asia

Nakharin Mektrairat
Tall Stories: Japanese Political Studies in Thailand
Shamsul A.B. and Wendy A. Smith
The Look East Policy: Studying Japan in Malaysia
Tong Shiping
Japanese Studies in China
Zainuddin Djafar
Indonesia, Japan and the European Union
Patrick Köllner
Japanese-Korean Relations in the 1990s
Ito Peng
The East Asian States: Comparative Welfare Regimes
Wada Haruki
Review by Editor: Wada Haruki and Kondo Kuniyasu (eds.), Peresutoroika to Kaikaku Kaihô: Chû-So Hikaku Bunseki (Reforms in Post-Maoist China and Perestroika: A Comparison)


Theodor Leuenberger
The Current Debate on Milieu and Innovation: Regional Industrial Development
Jonathan Lewis
An Unconsummated Marriage: Policy Networks and Two-Level Theory

Research Reports

Ann Waswo
Urban Housing in Postwar Japan
Inamoto Yonosuke
Social Science and the Kobe Earthquake
Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
How far Kokusaika?: Possibilities Created by Immigration to Japan
Aiba Keiko
Gender Inequality in the Japanese Workplace
Jacob Park
Japanese Policy on Climate Change
Odanaka Naoki
Japanese Education Reform

Review of Government Publication

Osawa Mari
Shakai Hoshô Taisei no Sai-Kôchiku (Rebuilding The Social Security System)

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