April 1995


Current Issues in Context

Fujiwara Kiichi
Imagining the Past, Remembering the Future
Gerhard Lehmbruch
The Segmentation of Government in Comparative Perspective
Nishida Yoshiaki
From a Train Window: Why is Japanese Farmland so Different from that in Europe?

Social Science Paradigms

Hirowatari Seigo
The development of Legal Theory in Postwar Japan
Tabata Hirokuni
From Collectivism to Individualism: A Paradigm Shift in Japanese Labor Law Theory
Mohri Kenzo
The "Impenetrable Mystery" of Market and Organization in Japan

Research Reports

Sung-Jo Park
The International Automotive Industry: Is Toyotaism Dead?
Chen Cheng-Cherng
Technology Transfer: Changes in the Performance Paradigm

Book Reviews

Shindo Hyo
Watanabe Osamu, Seiji Kaikaku to Kenpô Kaisei (Political Reform and Constitutional Change)
Wakita Shigeru
Keizai Hakusho (The White Paper on the Economy)

ISS 20th Century System Project Progress Report

Hashimoto Jurô
Japan and Asia in the World System

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