July 1994



Banno Junji
The Institute of Social Science: A Pioneer in Comparative Research
Hashimoto Juro and Tsuchida Tomoko
The 20th Century System: The Next Institute-Wide Research Project

New Developments in Social Science

Carol Gluck
Paradigms Lost: History in the Post-Postwar Era
Hiwatari Nobuhiro
After the Earthquake Election: Rethinking the Role of the Bureaucracy
Sakaguchi Shojiro
Japanese Society and Japanese Law: A Different Approach
Kikkawa Takeo
Organized Markets in Contemporary Japan

Overseas Research on Japan

Elena Leontieva
Researching Economic Transition in Russia and Japan
Miyazaki Yoshio
Lecturing at the Free University of Berlin
Andrew DeWit
The New Institutionalism and Japan

Social Science Literature

Hiraishi Naoaki
The Asia Boom in Japanese Publishing
Suehiro Akira
Thai Factory, Japanese Factory
Komorida Akio
Japanese Law: Seeking a New Identity

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